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Marketing and Sales Alignment

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Howard Brown

Revenue Performance Measurement

In this episode of the Metrics that Measure Up podcast we are joined by Howard Brown,  Founder and CEO of ringDNA. How does being a clinical psychologist lead to founding a Sales Engagement Platform company?  Howard shares the common theme - helping individuals and companies overcome THEIR challenges Key topics discussed include that if B2B companies are too focused on internal processes leading versus the customer's motivation to buy.  Sales training represents a major opportunity to improve alignment to the buyer's journey, especially the prospect's personal needs.  Howard discusses why increasing business acumen is a significant area of opportunity.

We also discuss that "coaching" is different from training and a large opportunity to increase sales productivity.  You should be asking yourself,  how much time are sales managers investing in 1:1 coaching versus administration, planning and managing versus coaching.

Sales #1 job is to HELP buyers make a decision and it may not be your solution - play the long game. Too much focus on quarterly numbers versus customer needs can lead to short term gains at the expense of long term company value

Howard shares his insights are why Marketing, Sales and CS alignment STARTS with aligning to the buyer's journey AND starts at the top with the CEO!  Howard experience is that Go-To-Market models need to be re-designed, centralized, and informed by customer journey data

Howard summarizes our discussion with the quote " We are moving to an Experience Economy" and companies that align to the customer journey will be the long term winners!!!

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