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Identify Growth Efficiency Opportunities with a Metrics and Benchmarking Assessment

Our metrics and benchmarking assessment process identifies and prioritizes the top opportunities to enhance revenue growth efficiency and increase enterprise value

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The assessment leverages the Benchmarkit SaaS performance metrics framework built upon 5 Pillars of Enterprise Value creation. We couple the latest industry benchmarks with over 30 years of senior leadership experience in the software subscription business model.

Our methodology and insights are applied across the entire customer lifecycle including customer acquisition, customer retention and customer expansion processes.

How it Works

Why Choose Benchmarkit for
Metrics Assessment?

Industry Benchmarks Specific to your

Company Profile

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Industry benchmarks segmented in context to your company-specific attributes, enabling deeper insights and more relevant comparison.

Built Upon the 5 Pillars with the Highest Correlation to Enterprise Value Creation

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Our framework highlights the metrics and associated benchmarks across the 5 Pillars of Enterprise Value Creation Including Capital Efficiency, Operational Efficiency, Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention and Customer Expansion.

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Over 20 SaaS Performance Metrics are Assessed and Benchmarked

Metrics assessed include CAC Payback Period, CAC Ratio, Net Revenue Retention, Gross Revenue Retention, Rule of 40, and CTLV:CAC Ratio.

Proven Expertise, Real-World Impact

Benchmarkit delivers a tailored approach to metrics and benchmark assessments, resulting in specific organizational, process and measurement recommendations. Our process focuses on company level performance metrics, and the associated departmental metrics correlated to enterprise value creation.

Ready to Get Started?

Discover how Benchmarkit's Metrics and Benchmark Assessment can enhance your ability to make metrics-informed and benchmark-validated decisions. 
Register your interest today and take the first step towards more efficient revenue growth and increased enterprise value.

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