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Benchmarkit Media

Metrics That Measure Up

with Ray Rike

Thought leaders across the B2B SaaS industry, provide thought-provoking insights in an interactive dialogue on how data-driven, metrics informed decision making impacts SaaS company performance.

SaaS Talk

with the Metrics Brothers

SaaS Talk™ with the Metrics Brothers is hosted by Dave "CAC" Kellogg and Ray "Growth" Rike. SaaS Talk™ provides unique insights, strategies, tactics and the metrics to measure customer acquisition, customer retention and customer expansion success for B2B SaaS companies.

Monday Night Metrics

with Ray Rike and Ben Murray

Hosted by Ben Murray, The SaaS CFO and Ray Rike, CEO benchmarkit™.


Each episode will provide detailed insights into key SaaS metrics and KPIs including the industry standard definition, why these metrics are important, how to calculate, and the latest industry benchmarks

Selling The Cloud

with Ray Rike and Mark Petruzzi

Mark Petruzzi and Ray Rike host a wide variety of Cloud and SaaS sales and marketing leaders. Our guest include well known and respected Cloud Titans from across the industry.

In a highly interactive and dynamic 30 minutes, they will share lessons learned while being executive Sales and Marketing leaders of some of the most successful SaaS and Cloud companies.

This podcast builds upon the success of "Selling the Cloud", a best selling book authored by Mark Petruzzi and Paul Melchiorre.

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