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Accelerating Growth in a Cautious Capital Environment

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Hayden Stafford

Revenue Performance Measurement

Hayden Stafford is the President and Chief Revenue Officer of Seismic, a leading Sales Enablement Platform. He recently dropped by the Metrics that Measure Up Podcast studio to discuss the state of B2B Sales.

We covered a wide-ranging list of topics and insights including:

  • The State of B2B Sales

  • Accelerating Growth in an “efficient capital” environment

  • Growth is more than metrics…but metrics matter too

  • Sales Process vs Customer Journey - how do they co-exist

First, Hayden shared how he has seen B2B Sales evolve over the past 12-18 months. Though the fundamentals of B2B Sales success have not changed, they have become more important. With reduced win rates, longer sales cycles, and more people in the buying process it requires B2B Sales organizations to become more effective and efficient. How to make B2B Sales professionals more effective - a recent McKinsey survey said better preparing sales professionals with better enablement and enhanced sales intelligence.

Many buyers are looking to "consolidate" their SaaS investments, including RevTech into fewer vendors. A key to helping B2B SaaS salespeople be more efficient, one corporate strategy is to expand the product portfolio to become a "platform" versus a "point solution".

Common measurements to justify Revenue Technology investments include:

  • Go-to-Market Efficiency

  • Buyer Experience

  • Operational Optimization

  • Time to Market / Agility to Market Changes

If you are directly responsible for a B2B Sales team or have a B2B Sales team that is primarily responsible for your customer acquisition and/or expansion performance, this conversation is full of great ideas and insights!

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