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Sponsor the Metrics That Measure Up and SaaS Talk™ with the Metrics Brothers Podcasts. Build awareness along-side industry leaders and in front of SaaS buyers

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Metrics That Measure Up

with Ray Rike

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Hosted by Ray Rike, "Metrics That Measure Up" is an experience into how the most successful SaaS leaders use metrics to inform their decision-making and their company journey. Each episode is a masterclass, including CEOs, CFOs, Go-To-Market executives and Investors from industry giants like Gainsight, DocuSign, and LinkedIn. The audience, is comprised of SaaS professionals and industry enthusiasts looking to learn from industry leaders and inspired by their success.

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SaaS Talk™

with the Metrics Brothers

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Join Dave "CAC" Kellogg and Ray "Growth" Rike on SaaS Talk with the Metrics Brothers™, where the conversation is all about using metrics to efficiently scale a SaaS company  This is the go-to resource for insights, strategies, and the vital metrics underpinning customer acquisition, retention, and expansion. Our hosts bring their extensive experience and dynamic perspectives, making complex concepts accessible and actionable.

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Why Sponsor?

Let's partner to create a lasting impact in the SaaS world. Contact us to explore sponsorship opportunities and become a part of the stories that's have and will shape the future of SaaS.

Engage with an audience of SaaS professionals and enthusiasts

  • Target Audience Influence: Build awareness and influence to a highly engaged community of SaaS experts, decision-makers, and influencers.

  • Increased Visibility: Your brand will be prominently featured in episodes, reaching listeners actively seeking SaaS insights and solutions.

  • Focused Marketing: Leverage our targeted platform to promote your products or services to an audience specifically interested in SaaS trends and technologies.

Our Sponsorships Explained

Sponsorships across the Benchmarkit podcast network are strategic marketing investments designed to build reach, awareness across our dedicated audience of SaaS professionals. We leverage a blend of engaging advertorial content, targeted advertising, and advanced listener retargeting to deliver measurable results for our sponsors.

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Podcast sponsorships with Benchmarkit Media are strategic marketing initiatives designed to build reach, awareness, and demand among our dedicated audience of SaaS professionals and enthusiasts.


We leverage a blend of engaging advertorial content, targeted audio advertising, and advanced listener retargeting to deliver measurable results for our sponsors.


Our listeners range from ambitious professionals to high-level executives in the SaaS and Cloud industry.

Demographics: Executive buyers (CEOs, CFOs, VP Finance).

Downloads: Over 30K per month for both podcasts combined.

Recognition: Rapidly growing as one of the top Business Podcasts, featuring thought leaders from companies like LinkedIn, DocuSign, and Marketo.

Ratings: High listener engagement with an average rating of 4.9 across various platforms.


We collaborate with our sponsors to create impactful messaging that resonates with the SaaS community, driving measurable business results. This is achieved through a

combination of:

Engaging Advertorial Content: Share your brand's story woven seamlessly into podcast discussions.

Integrated Audio Ads: Captivating audio advertisements placed strategically within podcast episodes.

Programmatic & Social Content Syndication: Expanding reach through targeted digital channels.

Let's Get Started and Partner

Ready to amplify your impact in the SaaS ecosystem? Inquire about sponsorship opportunities today and position your brand center stage

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