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Data and Diagnosis-Driven Selling

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Mark Petruzzi

Author's Spotlight

Mark Petruzzi, best-selling author of Selling the Cloud has just released his newest book "Data and Diagnosis-Driven Selling" in collaboration with co-authors Bob Scarperi, Paul Melchiorre, and your host of the Metrics that Measure Up Podcast!

In this episode, we discuss the primary concepts of the book, and the unique approach to including multiple titans in the B2B technology industry as contributors to the book.

The "Data and Diagnosis-Driven Selling" book covers each stage of the Sales process and how following the process dramatically increases sales productivity and revenue growth efficiency. The process steps and associated chapters discussed include:

  • Ideal Customer Profile - which accounts will buy

  • Buyer Personas - which decision-makers can buy

  • Business Diagnosis - uncovering the value

  • Functional Diagnosis - understanding the wins

  • Solution Design - validating the value

  • Data-Driven Funnel Analytics - the end-to-end view

  • How to Measure a Data and Diagnosis-Driven Selling Process

  • The Predictive and Generative AI power move

If you are a B2B sales professional, sales team leader, or a senior executive looking for ideas to generate more efficient revenue growth - this conversation and the "Data and Diagnosis-Driven Selling" process and book provide great insights, success stories, and applicable steps to take.

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