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Session Schedule
Solution Overview ~ 5 minutes
Platform Demo ~ 30 minutes
Customer Story ~ 5 minutes
Q&A ~ 5 minutes
Session Date:
Wednesday, June 12th
Morning Session Time:
Afternoon Session Time:
12:50 PM - 1:35 PM ET

Easily control your SaaS data

Platform Description

Unify disparate data sources into a financial data warehouse that serves as a single source of truth for complex businesses.

Facta does the heavy lifting with your data so you can focus on making strategic decisions with confidence.

Accurate data, always:

No more inaccurate and inefficient spreadsheets. Your key SaaS metrics and financial reporting is real-time.

Seamless contract data management:

Facta can handle complex enterprise contracts and revenue streams with recurring, usage-based and other elements.

Extract & share financial insights:

Facta helps you interpret your outputs, drill into the data that matters most and easily share reports with relevant stakeholders.

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