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Session Schedule
Solution Overview ~ 5 minutes
Platform Demo ~ 30 minutes
Customer Story ~ 5 minutes
Q&A ~ 5 minutes
Session Date:
Wednesday, June 12th
Morning Session Time:
11:55 AM - 12:40 AM ET
Afternoon Session Time:

SaaS Performance Analytics without the BI BS

Platform Description

Discern harmonizes company-wide data to create a single view into performance across finance, sales, marketing, customer success, dev / product and HR. As a result, different teams can drive coordinated efforts to achieve top-level goals.

With direct integrations to your favorite SaaS platforms, internal databases and even spreadsheets, Discern can pull data from wherever it lives. Our data science team then transforms and cleanses the data so that it’s actually accurate and usable for your business.

Built for the data consumers, Discern provides 200+ SaaS metrics out of the box and also offers a non-technical interface to generate custom metrics, charts, and dashboards. As a result, it is easy for anyone run cross-functional performance data and analytics, without the BI BS.

With push-button investor template completion and board deck creation, Discern supports seamless communication with investors, helping driving greater coordination and confidence.

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