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Historic SaaS Benchmarks and Trends

with the Metrics Brothers

SaaS metric benchmark trends over the last decade highlights the challenges associated with the rapid expansion and evolution of the B2B SaaS industry. Some of the significant changes that every SaaS industry stakeholder should understand include:

  • Expansion as a % of Revenue Growth

  • Gross Churn Rate

  • Net Revenue Rate

  • Customer Acquisition Cost Ratio (cost of acquiring a $ of Growth ARR - New and Expansion)

  • Rule of 40

  • ARR per FTE

Matt Harney - at Cloud Ratings did a great job at putting this report together and we highly recommend everyone take a look at: to follow along with Dave "CAC" Kellogg and Ray "Growth" Rike as they break down the top findings and insights from this SaaS Metrics Benchmarks longitudinal report.

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