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SaaS Solution Showcase

Elevate your Financial Planning and Forecasting, and network with category leaders and peers

Event Details

Date: May 23rd, 2023

Time: 8:00 AM to 3:50 PM PT

Location: Virtual

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2023 State of FP&A

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Budgeting, forecasting, and reporting for FP&A teams

We built Pigment with one vision: to help finance and revenue teams deliver greater real-time insights, minimize human error, and drive fast yet trustworthy decision-making.

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Dynamic business planning that scales.

Causal empowers fast and accurate decision-making across the business with its flexible modeling engine, intuitive user interface and 1-click reports & dashboards.

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Empower Your Team to Drive Financial Success

Planful transforms the way you plan, close, and report so you can drive more impactful decisions across your business. Align every squad, inform every move, and change direction using a platform designed to improve your financial performance.

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Strategic Finance for forward looking FP&A teams.

Mosaic is a compass for business leaders, providing a real-time Analytics and Planning platform that helps teams get from data to decision — faster.

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Strategic finance for modern teams

Basis is the strategic finance platform that connects your financial and operational data to provide a full view into your business.

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Your Command Center for Financial Strategy

Discern surfaces the why behind company performance and identifies the best way for B2B companies to scale. FP&A teams leverage Discern’s data connectivity and AI to forecast new bookings and NRR.

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The growth-focused planning solution

Finally, a purpose-built all-in-one FP&A solution, unlocked by the power of driver-based financial modeling

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