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Tuesday, October 10th

Byron Deeter Headshot
Byron Deeter
Bessemer Ventures
Sameer Dholakia Headshot
Sameer Dholakia
Bessemer Ventures
Session Focus:
Rule of 40: The Operator’s Guide To Efficient Growth
Alex Clayton Headshot
Alex Clayton
Managing Partner
Meritech Capital
Session Focus:
The Pulse - Current State of Public SaaS
Dave Kellogg Headshot
Dave Kellogg
Executive In Residence Balderton Capital
Session Focus:
How to Present and Analyze SaaS Metrics Like a Pro
Geoffrey Moore Headshot
Geoffrey Moore
Author, Speaker, Advisor
Session Focus:
Managing Change in the Age of Disruption
Mark Roberge Headshot
Mark Roberge
Co-founder & Managing Director
Stage 2 Capital
Session Focus:
The Science of Scaling. When to Scale? How Fast to Scale?
Patrick Campbel Headshot
Patrick Campbell
Founder and CEO 
Session Focus:
Media Led Growth in a B2B SaaS Company
Alka Tandan Headshot
Alka Tandan
Session Focus:
SaaS Metrics: A Foundation to Budget and Revenue Planning
Randy Wootton Headshot
Randy Wootton
Session Focus:
The Two Metrics that Investors and Operators Agree On
David Appel Headshot
David Appel
Global Head, Subscription and SaaS Vertical
Sage Intacct
Session Focus:
Five Steps to Build your FinOps Tech Stack & Metrics Dashboard
Bijan Moallemi Headshot
Bijan Moallemi
Co-Founder and CEO
Session Focus:
Storytelling in Finance: How to Present Your SaaS Metrics for Strategic Decision-Making
Ben Murray Headshot
Ben Murray
The SaaS CFO
Session Focus:
The SaaS Metrics Playbook to Improve SaaS Valuation
Amit Bendov Headshot
Amit Bendov
Founder and CEO
Session Focus:
Gong Labs - Conversational Intelligence Benchmarks
Eric Christopher Headshot
Eric Christopher
Founder and CEO
Session Focus:
Stop Sleeping on Your SaaS Spend

SaaS Metrics Palooza 22' Sessions

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