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Selling to the CFO

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Tim Riitters


Tim Riitters, CFO at Gong sits down with our host Ray Rike to discuss the keys to successfully selling to a CFO. Tim provides a unique perspective as both a multiple time CFO and being the CFO at Gong who is helping to make a CFOs live easier with their Revenue Intelligence and AI enables forecasting solution!

During this episode we cover four primary topics with Tim including:

  • How Tim uses SaaS metrics to inform decision making at Gong

  • How Gong uses SaaS metrics in board reporting and QBRs

  • The key considerations to understand when selling technology to a CFO

For anyone who is a SaaS CFO, aspires to be a SaaS CFO or has a desire to sell their solution to a CFO this episode includes insights and ideas that are valuable to each of you!!!

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