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Present SaaS Metrics Like a Pro

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Dave Kellogg

SaaS Metrics Palooza

Dave Kellogg is the author of Kellblog, Executive in Residence at Balderton Capital, multiple time SaaS CEO, investor and an OG for all things SaaS Metrics.

During this episode, which is from his presentation at SaaS Metrics Palooza 23', Dave shares his insights and best practices on presenting SaaS metrics like a pro - especially to board members and investors. Ten mistakes that many make in presenting SaaS Metrics include:

  • Amateur presentation

  • Cherry-picking

  • Mis-benchmarking

  • Omitting context

  • Piecemealing

  • Dumping

  • Smooth operator

  • Forgetting question

  • Missing investor point of view

  • Retinal burn

This episode is chalked full of details, nuances and insight. If you would like to see the slides that Dave uses to guide this session at SaaS Metrics Palooza 23' you can download them at:

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