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The Science of Scaling

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Mark Roberge

SaaS Metrics Palooza

The Science of Scaling, was a session delivered by Mark Roberge at SaaS Metrics Palooza 23'. In this episode, Mark discusses a math centric approach to determine if Product-Market Fit has been achieved, when to scale GTM investment and how much to invest in growth.

Key concepts introduced include:

  • How to use a mathematical formula to determine if Product-Market Fit is achieved (PET Metric)

  • The leading indicators (unit economics) that inform increasing investment in customer acquisition

  • North Star metrics used by leading B2B SaaS companies to measure Product-Market Fit

  • The power and competitive advantage of capturing daily leading indicators to scale economics

If you prefer to watch the entire session and see the associated slides - the video can be seen at:

If you are asking questions such as: 1) Have we reached product-market fit; 2) Should we invest more to scale customer acquisition; 3) How much and how quickly should we invest more capital to accelerate growth then this episode is a must listen!!!

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