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Hacking SaaS

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Eric Mersch

Author's Spotlight

Eric Mersch is the author of "Hacking SaaS" and a partner at FLG Partners. Eric joined our host, Ray Rike to discuss the details behind the thought process of writing the book and why he segmented it into discrete sections and chapters based upon the following:

  • SMB to Mid-Market B2B

  • Enterprise B2B

  • B2C

  • Vertical Industry Solutions

  • Horizontal Solutions

During this episode, Eric and Ray will dive into several of the B2B SaaS Metrics that Eric wrote about including:

  • Customer Lifetime Value to CAC (CLTV:CAC Ratio)

  • Net Revenue Retention (aka Dollar Based Net Retention in the book)

  • Gross Churn (aka Gross Revenue Retention - GRR)

  • Contribution Margin - why it's important to understand the value of adding more a cost

Hacking SaaS is one of the first books written to share the details behind the majority of metrics that make the recurring revenue business model of SaaS and Cloud companies so attractive that Enterprise Values are measured as a multiple of revenues VS profits.

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