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Building a Brand and Efficient Growth Simultaneously

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Randy Wootton

SaaS Metrics & Benchmarks

Randy Wootton, the CEO of Maxio is a multiple-time B2B SaaS CEO. However, his current role is unique in that within six months of taking on the role, the existing company which was the combination of two well-known companies (SaaS Optics and Chargify) decided to rebrand as Maxio and doing this during the great SaaS market correction started in the 2H-22.

During this episode shared his experienced-based insights as a multiple-time B2B SaaS CEO including:

  • Re-branding two combined B2B SaaS companies into a new single brand

  • Insights into Achieving Efficient Growth During Uncertain Times

  • Balancing Growth and Profitability

  • Metrics Operators and Investors Can Agree Upon

Maxio is a combination of SaaS Optics and Chargify. Each company was very similar as measured by size, and number of customers and was viewed as a "Merger of Equals". As such, when combining these two companies neither was viewed as the acquiring company, so Randy needed to chart the course to combine two very equal companies, to gain both operating efficiency and market scale.

Randy's first introduction was being a Maxio customer and appreciated how it made him more prepared to manage the business in near real-time, close the books, and then prepare the financial reports for the board without the stress of last-minute, manual processes. In Randy's words, Maxio provided him with a business radar, calling upon his experience as a naval aviator...and was the perfect foundation to become the Maxio CEO.

On the topic of launching a new brand, Randy shared the jury is still out on whether this was the best strategy versus doubling down on one of the existing brands. One of the biggest challenges is building back and upon the SaaS Optics and Chargify brand awareness.

The next topic Randy and I covered was the simultaneous challenge of balancing profitability and growth amid the great B2B SaaS recession over the last 18 months. Randy started by discussing their core target market is other B2B SaaS companies, primarily in the SMB market segment, which has been the segment most impacted by the current trends in growth and capital availability for SMB companies. Initially, Randy had to pivot to get the company profitable, and then be focused on determining which ICP(s) to target and what is the optimal Customer Acquisition Cost investment, while balancing growth and profitability.

Randy highlighted that while growth is still a priority over profitability, it is critical to reach profitability to control your destiny versus being beholden to external capital sources. This is especially important during a lower growth external environment, which allows the strongest and most well-prepared companies to begin accelerating growth investments in alignment with external market conditions.

Lastly, Randy highlighted the two SaaS Metrics that Maxio and Battery Ventures use to collaborate on analyzing efficient growth metrics and their trends.

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