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SaaS Metrics Maturity Model

with the Metrics Brothers

Dave "CAC" Kellogg and Ray "Growth" Rike discuss the 5 root causes that created the need to develop a SaaS Metrics Maturity Model for companies as they scale.

The top five root causes that lead to the 15 primary problems in how companies use metrics include:

  • There’s no shared metrics foundation

  • There’s no trust

  • Metrics are not integral to strategy

  • The culture is not metrics-driven

  • Metrics are not being used define trajectory and long-term goals

This episode discusses the key challenges in using metrics and the approaches to address those challenges. This discussion builds up to the introduction of the Metrics Maturity Model and the 5 levels of maturity:

  • Level 1: Foundation

  • Level 2: Trust

  • Level 3: Strategic Linkage

  • Level 4: Metrics Culture

  • Level 5: Trajectory

If you use, develop or just are a student of SaaS Metrics - this episode is full of insights and ideas on how to accelerate your company's metrics maturity model to level 5!!!

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