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Gross Revenue Retention

with the Metrics Brothers

On this episode, Dave "CAC" Kellogg and Ray "Growth" Rike discuss Gross Revenue Retention (GRR), aka Gross Dollar Retention (GDR), and the different nuances to consider when calculating this metric.

In addition, Dave and Ray discuss why this metric is important, how to calculate GRR and how to use the results to inform decision making.

The Metrics brothers discuss the following nuances of calculating Gross Revenue Retention:

  • The definition of GRR

  • Cohort vs Formula Method

  • What to exclude and include in GRR

  • How is GRR impacted by Product Led Growth and/or Usage-Based Pricing environments

  • How does Churn and GRR compare...are they the same thing?

  • GRR vs NRR - which is most important?

If you love the nuances and details of SaaS Metrics - this is a thought provoking episode that highlights the nuances to consider when calculating Gross Revenue Retention.

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