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2024 SaaS Account Executive Benchmarks

with the Metrics Brothers

SaaS Account Executive Benchmarks including On-Target Earnings, Commission Rates, Quota, Quota Achievement, Renewal and Expansion Responsibilities are a few of the benchmarks that Dave "CAC" Kellogg and Ray "Growth" Rike discuss in this episode.

Account Executive Benchmarks discussion include:

  • On-Target Earnings (2024 vs 2022)

  • Base Salary and Variable Compensation Mix

  • Commission Rates (2024 vs 2022)

  • Quota Assignment by ACV

  • Quota Achievement

  • Renewal and Expansion Responsibilities

If you are leading a B2B SaaS sales team or have one in your company that directly impacts financial performance this is a must listen episode of SaaS Talk with the Metrics Brothers!

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