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The Wayback Machine + Internet Archive


Brewster Kahle

Founder's Spotlight

Have you ever thought it would be cool to see a website from 5 years ago, 10 years ago, even 20 years ago? That is exactly the vision that Brewster Kahle, founder of the Internet Archive and The Wayback Machine first started to develop in the late 1990's! In fact, Brewster was developing the Wayback Machine simultaneously to running Alexa Internet, one of the first internet browser plug-ins to track user web activity, which was ultimately sold to Amazon in 1999 for $250M in Amazon stock! Over the last 20 years, the Internet Archive has built the worlds largest archive of internet content - think the LIBRARY of the Internet.  The magnitude is incredible: - 516 Billion Web Pages - 70 Petabytes of Storage - 6 Million Movies and Videos - 600,000 Software Programs - 1.5 Million Audio Files - 1.5M Daily Users Brewster was voted into the Internet Hall of Fame (yes, their is an Internet Hall of Fame), and is one of the most visionary, insightful and visionaries in the Internet ecosystem. Listen to this 30 minute session with Brewster and you will come away with a sense of excitement and possibilities that we have not yet realized in the internet economy!

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