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The keys to building a long lasting B2B Network

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Konstantin Guericke

Founder's Spotlight

B2B Communities caught fire in 2020 - especially B2B sales communities.  Revenue Collective, Sales Hacker, Modern Sales Pros, RevGenuis, and Bravado all dramatically increased their membership and levels of engagement following the onset of COVID. Who better to discuss the trend of B2B communities, than a founder of the world's largest B2B network, LinkedIn.  Konstantin shares the key differences between a B2B  community and a B2B network Konstantin shares the four variables that are required to build a scalable, sustainable and engaging B2B network.  He also discusses the techniques that LinkedIn used to quickly reach 1M+ members, and how "Social Capital" was key to gaining initial momentum. Did you know that Inmails used to cost $10 each, or that the only way to join LinkedIn initially was through a referral? In a classic entrepreneurial pivot, we moved quickly from the back story of LinkedIn's early success to how walking meetings were a hallmark of the early days at LinkedIn, and have retained their allure to Konstantin as he mentors and advises new entrepreneurs. Lastly, we discuss Konstantin's founders' journey and he shares some advice based upon his own experiences at LinkedIn.

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