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Sales Quota and Compensation - Not built for today's customer centric world

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Sahil Mansuri

B2B Sales

In this episode, Sahil Mansuri, the Founder and CEO of  Bravado, a network of over 70,000 sales professionals, discusses how yesterday's Quota and Compensation models are not relevant in today's, customer-centered world. Sahil shares his insights and perspectives on why sales compensation and quota setting needs to change.  These insights have been developed from his experiences as a top salesperson, VP of Sales, Founder/CEO, and early-stage investor. Topics covered include: Why is the average tenure of a salesperson < 12 months and a VP Sales < 8 months? Why do < 50% of sales professionals hit quota? What are the roles of Product, Marketing and Sales defined for optimal success? Has the level of specialization negatively impacted the customer experience? Are there just too many SaaS companies in each market segment? What role does the CEO play in ensuring the revenue plan is reasonable?

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