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2024 B2B SaaS Sales Benchmarks

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Sally Duby

B2B Sales

Sally Duby, Chief Sales Officer at The Bridge Group shares the latest SaaS Account Executive Benchmark Report based upon their research which they have been conducting since 2007.

During the episode we cover a wide array of topics and benchmarks from the report including:

  • Account Executive Compensation Trends (OTE, Base Salary and Commissions)

  • AE Quota Trends - By Annual Contract Value

  • AE Quota Achievement Trends

  • Win Rate Trends

  • Expansion and Renewal Responsibilities

The full report is available by clicking here.

If you are responsible for hiring, managing. modeling AE comp plans or have Account Executives in your company, this conversation and report is full of new insights and trends on the state of B2B SaaS Account Executive metrics trends and benchmarks!

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