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2024 Sales Compensation Report

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The "2024 Sales Compensation Report" investigates the challenges and practices of sales compensation planning against the backdrop of a volatile economic climate. It emphasizes the need for organizations to carefully balance budget constraints with the motivation of account executives, who are crucial for a company's growth and profitability. 

Key points:

  • Sales compensation planning requires a nuanced approach to manage industry trends and economic shifts while motivating account executives (AEs) for company growth​​.

  • Quota setting is a persistent challenge affecting AE performance, with a substantial number of companies grappling with missed quotas​​.

  • A balanced quota mix for new business and customer retention is necessary, but companies are struggling with efficient plan execution amid economic changes​​.

  • Top revenue growth challenges include stiff competition, market changes, and pipeline development, with the latter being a repeated concern over recent years​​.

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