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SaaS and Cloud Contract Terms - Common Paper Benchmark Report

with the Metrics Brothers

Common Paper recently released a benchmark report on Cloud contract terms and conditions based upon data from over 1,000 companies. This is the first benchmarking report we have found that covers SaaS/Cloud Master Service Agreements.

Dave "CAC" Kellogg and Ray "Growth" Rike, better known as the Metrics Brothers break down the benchmarks contained in the report including:

  • Agreement Length

  • Payment Terms

  • Limitations of Liability

  • AI and Data Privacy

  • Insurance Requirements

  • Design Partner Agreements

If you are responsible for designing, negotiating or enforcing Master Service Agreements in the Cloud industry, this episode provides broad and detailed insights on the latest MSA terms and conditions being used in the industry.

The Common Paper Benchmark report is available by clicking here.

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