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Top Goals and Metrics for Customer Service

with the Metrics Brothers

Dave "CAC" Kellogg and Ray "Growth" Rike discuss the top metrics for a Customer Service organization that span the top three goals of CS including resolving, deflecting, and/or preventing cases.

During this episode, we lean heavily on CAC's background as a technical support agent for the first two years of his career, and then as the head of the Salesforce Service Cloud.

The primary job of Customer Service (Customer Support) including the three below macro-level goals

  • Resolve Cases

  • Deflect Cases

  • Prevent Cases

What are the top metrics to measure the performance of Customer Service while ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction?

  • Cases per Agent (while maintaining a 4.5 CSAT score)

  • CSAT 

  • Time to Resolution (mean is not as valuable - have a max)

  • First call resolution

There are many nuances to the above metrics including the type of call (how-to or bug fixes), the ability to effectively deflect calls that solve the customer issue, and how to measure the longer-term impact of preventing inbound cases over time.

If you are thinking about or currently evaluating your customer service (customer support) performance metrics, this is a great conversation that covers a wide range of metrics, goals, and priorities for any customer service organization in a B2B technology business.

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