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ICONIQ GTM Metrics for Board Meetings

with the Metrics Brothers

ICONIQ Growth recently published their "Essential Go-to-Market (GTM) Board Slides", which includes the categories and metrics that they recommend be included in the GTM portion of the board deck. The template includes slides for the each category of GTM metrics they recommend including:

  • GTM Scorecard

  • Ideal Customer Profile

  • ARR Funnel

  • Logo Velocity

  • Revenue and Logo Retention

  • Win/Loss Analysis

  • Pipeline

  • Lead and Funnel Conversion

  • Sales Capacity and Productivity

  • Team Update and Planning

Dave "CAC" Kellogg and Ray "Growth" Rike identify and discuss their perspectives on the top slides in the template, while also highlighting a couple of additional slides that would be valuable.

If you are a GTM leader, or a CEO or CFO looking on refining and optimizing the GTM portion of your board deck, this episode is full of good ideas and insights.

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