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The Evolution of Customer Success

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You Mon Tsang

Founder's Spotlight

You Mon Tsang is the founder and CEO of ChurnZero. During this episode, You Mon and our host, Ray Rike discuss the following topics:

  • How the role of Customer Success has evolved over the past 12 - 24 months

  • How the measurements used to determine CS ROI have evolved

  • The top three metrics that You Mon recommends for Customer Success teams

The catalyst for founding ChurnZero began when he was a Marketing leader and had a large selection of technologies to automate, manage, and measure marketing performance. When You Mon assumed responsibility for Customer Success, he quickly realized that there was not a large number of options to automate, manage, and measure Customer Success.

One of the major changes in Customer Success is the evolution of focusing primarily on Net Revenue Retention (NRR), which is a top two company-level metric. During the SaaS recession of 2022-2023, You Mon was an increased focus on Gross Revenue Retention (GRR) which measures a company's ability to retain a customer on an ARR basis, independent of including expansion ARR. Retaining customers today is the key to a strong foundation for growth in the future.

What leading indicators are most predictive of GRR? You Mon highlighted NPS, Customer Health Score, and product utilization as good leading indicators...however, the "health" of the customer is an important external variable that is harder to know but is still highly impactful to Gross Revenue Retention.  

How does a CS organization's ability to determine "customer-verified outcomes" impact customer retention? You mentioned that verifying customer outcomes is very hard to measure. It is an admirable goal, and when your product natively impacts direct outcomes it is much easier.

Is Customer Success a cost center or a profit center? Often this is associated with where Customer Success expenses are recorded...Cost of Goods Sold or Operating Expense? You Mon highlighted that the majority of his customers place CS expenses in Operating Expenses and thus should be measured by expense vs revenue retained and expanded.

If you are a CEO, CFO, or CRO responsible for maximizing the return on investment for Customer Success, this is a great episode. If you are a Customer Success professional, You Mon shares some unique ideas and a vision for the future of Customer Success which will be a great addition to how you currently view Customer Success.

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