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SEO in the Age of AI

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Aidan Shaw

Founder's Spotlight

Aidan Shaw, founded Myst Marketing to help B2C and B2B companies take advantage of the global pool of SEO resources around the world, while also experiencing the life of a digital nomad while building a great virtual company.

During this episode, Aidan dives deep into the below SEO topics relevant today and in the future as Search Engines evolve in age of generative AI.

The ROI of SEO:

"Many businesses are divided over the tangible benefits of investing in SEO. Can you shed some light on the potential return on investment (ROI) for businesses that prioritize SEO, and provide some success stories or case studies that highlight its impact?"

SEO vs. Paid Advertising:

"There's always been a debate between the organic reach through SEO and the instant visibility offered by paid advertising. Can you discuss the pros and cons of each and why a business might choose to focus on one over the other, or perhaps a blend of both?"

The Role of Content in SEO:

"Content is often said to be king when it comes to SEO. How has the role of content in SEO strategies evolved over time, and what are the best practices businesses should consider when developing content with SEO in mind?"

Future of SEO:

"With advancements in technology, changing algorithms, and the rise of voice search and AI, where do you see the future of SEO heading? What should businesses be preparing for in the next 5-10 years to ensure they remain at the top of search result

Content Creation and AI:

"There's a buzz about AI-generated content in the digital marketing space. How effective is AI-generated content for SEO, and what are the ethical considerations around using such content?"

Challenges with AI in SEO:

"While AI presents numerous opportunities in the SEO realm, what are some potential challenges or pitfalls businesses should be aware of?"

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