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Anthony Kennada

Founder's Spotlight

Anthony Kennada, is the founder and CEO of AudiencePlus and formerly the Chief Marketing Officer at Hopin and Gainsight...quite the pedigree!

Anthony joined our host, Ray Rike to discuss the evolving nature of community and content led-growth, which is a strategy and topic trending across every B2B SaaS CMO. Anthony takes the topic a step further and highlights why "Owned Media" is a critical component in every B2B SaaS CMOs Go-to-Market strategy.

Anthony's experience in using content and community at Gainsight serves as the foundation for Anthony's vision for AudiencePlus and its customers. Over the past few years, community development has traditionally been focused on the customer, but over the last few years expanding the reach of the content and the inclusion of all stakeholders interested in the topics the brand is creating and evangelizing has become a key part of the Marketing strategy to create a "halo" effect around the brand.

Anthony was involved in building the Gainsight "Pulse" community from the ground up. During the early days, Gainsight took the role of building the stage for the leading thinkers in Customer Success, but not being at the center of the stage which developed an authenticity of helping to build a profession, not just a company.

Second, Gainsight did not focus much on its product - but rather on the information on how to build, manage and scale a Customer Success team. Over time, as the market evolved and matured - then the opportunity to gradually introduce more about the Gainsight Customer Success Platform as the community grew.

Lastly, when Gainsight first started hosting events - they did not measure the ROI by the revenue generated from the annual Pulse event - but by the pipeline and ultimate revenue generated as a by product of the event.

Over the past few years - the event landscape has changed and building community is facing new headwinds. First, there is so much noise in the market that it is much harder to break through the noise. The second challenge is the distribution of content, as budgets have decreased and the cost of "paid media" continues to increase. The third challenge is that the rules of social media continue to evolve and an example the recent decision by Twitter to not allow links to content on Substack.

AudiencePlus is positioned as the first "owned-media platform for marketers". Anthony defines owned media as using a more rich editorial format of content beyond blog posts to break through the noise. One example is taking a podcast and breaking it into multiple clips, both audio and video to create more audience engagement. The "owned" media component is creating rich, educational, and engaging content that motivates the audience to view a company's content and community as a destination for people who are like-minded and they feel like they belong to something bigger - a community of their peers.

If you are a CEO, CRO, or CMO exploring how to leverage content, media, and community to engage your target audience, and establish a thought leadership role for the community of buyers you seek to serve, this conversation with Anthony Kennada, Founder and CEO of AudiencePlus is a must listen!

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