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AI Tools in Software Development - 2023

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The "AI Adoption in Software Development Survey Report 2023" serves as an abstract to convey the current state of artificial intelligence in software development. It compiles insights from a survey conducted across a diverse range of industries, highlighting how AI tools are being utilized and their impact on development teams.


  • The introduction of the report outlines key questions that software engineering leaders have about AI in the context of development, particularly regarding its readiness for enterprise use and its current applications.

  • The report reveals that 42% of participants are using AI in their development processes, and an additional 30% are experimenting with its use, indicating a strong trend towards embracing AI within the sector.

  • It includes responses from over 700 professionals, ranging from startups to large corporations, demonstrating a global and cross-industry perspective on AI adoption.

Key Findings:

  • AI adoption among development teams is contributing to significant productivity gains, with some high-performing teams reporting over 60% improvements.

  • The primary areas of AI tool usage are code writing (90%), debugging (48%), and code reviews (42%), with the main benefits being improved code quality and developer satisfaction.

  • Challenges persist, notably in the realms of accuracy, reliability, and data privacy, but they are not deterring the majority from implementing AI solutions.

  • The report hints at a possible correlation between team effectiveness and AI adoption, with the most successful teams being the most avid AI users.

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