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Top Metrics and Benchmarks for Customer Success

with the Metrics Brothers

Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight joins Dave "CAC" Kellogg and Ray "Growth" Rike to discuss all things Customer Success and metrics! This is a "special episode" that combines deep Customer Success (CS) expertise with moments of light humor, pop culture references, and SaaS industry insider insights!

Topics discussed and benchmarks shared during this episode include:

  • ARR per CSM

  • Customers per CSM

  • Customer Success Reporting Relationships

  • Expansion ARR and Renewal Responsibility

  • CSAT or NPS

Further into the episode, additional topics covered include:

  • Priority Outcome Metrics for CS

  • Primary Leading Indicators for CS

  • Customer Verified Outcomes

There has been a lot of talk across the industry regarding the future of Customer Success, including if Customer Success as a function is needed which was highlighted in Frank Slootman's book "Amp it Up".

If you have a Customer Success team, are considering how to invest in Customer Success, or are just looking for an entertaining 20-minute conversation chalked full of great insights and a laugh or two this episode is a GREAT listen!

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