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Conversation Flow Rate

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Chris Beall

SaaS Metrics & Benchmarks

In this episode of Metrics that Measure Up, Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectandSell shares a wide variety of Key Performance Indicators and Benchmarks gained from over 10 million dials and over 500,000 B2B sales conversations - just in 2020! Chris, a Physicist by education, and self-professed data junkie provide a deeply analytical perspective into how to turn dials into conversations, and conversations into sales meetings. Chris even invokes the expertise of Chris Voss, formerly the FBI's top hostage negotiator, who says we only have 7 seconds in our first conversation with a prospect to get them to trust us sufficiently to have a productive relationship.  In this episode, you will learn both benchmarks and techniques to turn dials into customers, including: Benchmarks: - Dials to Conversation - Conversation to Meeting  (Cold calls and Follow-ups) - Meeting show rates - Conversations Per day (SDR and AE) Listen to this one closely, as the episode is data rich and keeps coming at you every minute.

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